3 Insider Tips for Getting Positive Online Reviews About Your Brand

Here is an important question. How do you get clients to come to you and say all those lovely things you want to hear? How do you get them to see that your brand and style is exactly what they need – and get them to say it?

The internet has made it relatively easy for people to have their say about anything and everything. Getting people to comment favorably or otherwise on your site can be a monumental task. When you open yourself up to criticism and you get a bad review, think of it as a chance to learn and change for the better, though.

Thinking of your brand in terms of a storefront can help. If clients can come to you and find out what you’re about, it means you don’t have to hustle to find them. As a company with a website, you need to boost your SEO, and in doing so you will increase the likelihood of getting those all-important positive reviews. Here are 3 tips you can use:

1. Let Unhappy Clients Have Their Say to You – Not Just to the Web

Dealing with an unhappy client is never a fun proposition, but it can be a valuable learning tool.  Giving a simple feedback survey right after (or just before) a product is delivered can give you a chance to follow up on any part of your service that was unsatisfactory. This kind of “heading problems off at the pass” before they morph into negative reviews is a great way to get into the minds of our clients and deliver exactly what they want.

Your client is way more likely to offer up a positive review if you have taken the time to address all the aspects of the work. Online reviews are the gold standard in SEO. Making sure you get them by firstly, offering great service. Offering great content can be a first step or bridge for that. The second step is figuring out the best way to show that external validation of your work. It’s electronic word of mouth, and it’s an immensely powerful tool in your SEO arsenal.

2. Make it Sweet for Them to Review You

West Coast or East (and all spots in between) the internet moves fast, and it can cover multiple time zones. One thing remains the same, though – not everyone has the time to review. A little sweetener to entice reviewers can be a simple way for you to get the reviews you need to boost your Google rankings.

A discount on the next job perhaps? Some sites are a little sticky when it comes to the perceived fishing for positive reviews so always make sure you follow the rules of each site and you’ll be fine. Offering an incentive to every reviewer or holding a sweepstake or random prize draw is a good way to get around looking like an incentivizer.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Meaningful Feedback

If you are asking a client for a review, the devil really is in the details. If you can get your client to focus on the specifics, then their review will be more authentic and convincing. Remember, though, it’s not just about SEO and rankings – it’s about your clients and their genuine satisfaction.

When you check (and double check) that you and your client are in sync with what the project or deal entails you are setting yourself up for a positive review. Totally transparent goals and schedules are crucial to any project’s success; At Denver-based SEO for Growth, your success is ours too.

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