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If you’ve worked with iFuse or if you’ve been referred to us by someone who has, you already know that we are not your average online marketing company.

In 2009, Chris Pistorius founded KickStart Dental Marketing.  After spending the previous 9 years working in local marketing for some of the top media companies in the world and working with thousands of small business owner Chris saw a big gap in the market place.  A huge shift had occurred, local marketing had become much more complex with the Internet now in play and traditional media outlets like phone books & newspapers losing effectiveness.  He saw that small business owners were distracted by trying to figure out the best way to market their local business and were losing focus on running their business.

A few years later Chris teamed up with Bill Orth who was a previous executive with Dex Media for more than 20 years. Chris & Bill together run Denver SEO For Growth and have a dedicated passion to help small and medium businesses succeed with online marketing. They have a staff that are experts in their respective fields – SEO, Reputation, Website Design and more.

They are passionate about working with like-minded companies and organizations. Their unique approach focuses on sustainability, supporting the local community, and providing honest, transparent online marketing services for businesses. They believe it is far more important to be a resource for local businesses than to simply close a deal. Education is the foundation of our business. By helping their clients understand our process and taking the time to learn what they’re about and what they do, they are able to develop a cohesive marketing strategy to ultimately help businesses communicate successfully, increase profitability, and thrive.

bill orthBill resides in Denver where he is a dad to 3 children (Brittany, Trevor & Austin) and grandpa to 2 grandchildren (Zuri & Ryder). He loves spending time outdoors in the mountain or at the lake with his family. As he has done for the past 28 years, Bill continues to help businesses establish & execute effective marketing strategies for growth. Bill studied Business and Marketing at the University of Denver


Chris has spent the last 12 years in helping local businesses gain new customers from the Internet. He has worked for some of the most influential marketing companies in the world like AOL Time Warner, SpotRunner, Dex Media and MapQuest. Chris resides in the Denver, Colorado area, with his wife Michele, their two children Kaitlyn & Brody and dogs Gracie and Bella.

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