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We have news for you: content marketing is here to stay. It is no longer a nice thing for businesses to have; it’s a necessity that is critical to successfully reach your target audience today.

Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective as each day passes. As content becomes increasingly important in the marketing mix, it must take on an elevated place in your strategy and planning. The use of high-quality and educational content has become an essential ingredient for businesses to build awareness and trust, convert leads, and close customers.

Denver SEO for Growth takes a complete systematic approach to creating and executing a content plan that borrows heavily from the editorial outlook of a publisher while acknowledging the marketing objectives facing most businesses.

content marketingWhy Content Marketing?

The role of content marketing as part of your complete marketing strategy continues to grow in importance, and for good reason. Content marketing provides numerous benefits including:

  • Building awareness around your brand
  • Building trust
  • Providing proof
  • Improving customer service
  • Converting leads
  • Boosting referrals
  • Increasing sales
  • Saving your business money

Our approach to creating and executing a content will allow you to plan, curate, create, collaborate, repurpose and generally get far more out of every piece of content you produce.

Our forward-thinking approach to content marketing includes three distinct phases:

  1. Create a List of Monthly Foundational Content Themes

Through keyword tools, we’ll work with you to develop a list of core content topics. Each theme will be a substantial topic related to your business or industry and represent an important keyword search term. We’ll also designate terms that you would like to rank higher for, but currently have little or no content that leads people online or off to you.

  1. Develop Your Content Delivery Platform

Once we’ve established your foundational themes, we’ll work with you to organize your content delivery platform, which may include channels such as:

  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts and guest posts
  • Podcasts
  • PR Pitches
  • Sponsored pitches
  • Webinars
  • eBooks
  • Content packages
  1. Integrate Your Content with Core Business Objectives

Once the first two steps are complete, we’ll work with you to map your content plan to your core business objectives. This step will allow you to better understand your content ROI and will help us decide which areas of content you should be investing in the most.

Our three-step approach to content marketing ensures that we are being proactive with your marketing efforts, allowing us to more easily plan out a long-term holistic approach to your marketing efforts moving forward.

Content creation, production, and promotion are some of the biggest challenges marketers face today. Let our content strategists help you take the guess work out of implementing a successful content marketing strategy. We are here to help.

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