How to Develop the Discipline Needed for Ongoing SEO Supremacy

All the best keywords, research, and links are great, but without the discipline to see them through every day – they mean nothing. Everyone wants to rank first on Google. Getting there is a daily battle – a battle where the weapons are optimized websites and engaging content on social media channels.

Google recently adjusted its algorithm to reward sites that deliver fresh content, so it’s imperative to realize that SEO is always ongoing and Google is always tracking. Staying on top takes hard work and discipline.

Always be Thinking About SEO

SEO has changed dramatically since the early 90s. Up until around 1999, all search results were compiled manually and randomly sorted. Today, Google’s sophisticated technology is always changing – its algorithms recently just changed for SEO – it can be a full-time job to monitor and keep up with the changes.

The trick is to make SEO a part of your daily routine. To take full advantage, try to do simple tasks throughout the day. If it becomes part of your routine to take pictures and videos, update the Twitter feed or follow other blogs for ideas, then SEO will become second nature.

Establish a Strategy and Stick to It

There is no quick fix or easy SEO. Anybody that tells you that is not to be trusted. SEO takes commitment and time. Only clearly defined goals allow you to measure success. Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to ramp up your brand awareness?
  • Do you want to get more leads that lead to sales?
  • Do you want to get more Google reviews?

Your list may be different, but try and come up with goals that you can achieve. All of your content must be optimized and constantly monitored. Effective and lasting SEO is so much more than putting keywords in the right place with the correct frequency, it’s a holistic discipline that must be mastered in order to see your web pages rise to the top of search rankings.   

3 Ongoing SEO Tasks to Complete Every Month

1. Review your analytics

Monitoring the results all that SEO work is bringing you is the only way to see if it is all working how it should. If your original SEO work is just not working it may be because some pages of your site aren’t effective for SEO and need to be moved around or modified. Continually reviewing your website’s analytics – and then making changes based on your findings – is the way to keep up.

2. Keep up With Your Link Earning

Google is happiest when the links to your website are trustworthy and not just link farms. Reach out authentically and transparently to build relationships. Sharing your content with other like-minded sites takes time, but it’s worth it in the long run.

3. Create Great Content That you Would Want to Read

Fresh content is the fuel that makes the Google machine run at its optimum level. Blogs are so widespread because they offer a fast and easy way to keep the content flowing. Websites that only have one or two pages of content that never changes (and a blog that is never updated) will always rank low. You have to use the insights gained from analytics and apply them to the pages to move up the rankings.

However you do it, the content must be something you would like to read. Make it:

  • Funny
  • Controversial
  • Current
  • Political (careful with this one)
  • Instructional

Try to keep your audience engaged and thinking.

The fact is, regular, high-quality, content creation will improve your rankings and you’ll attract more clients. If you need help with your SEO efforts, contact us at SEO for Growth today.

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