Why Good Looks Alone Won’t Get Your Website Recognized by Search Engines

Websites that are designed for maximum oomph factor sure look good on the page but what’s going on in the background is equally (if not more) important. It’s like having an amazing, quiet fine dining experience; you don’t see the frantic beside-the-scenes pace in the kitchen, but you know it all adds up to a great dinner.

A well-designed website with expertly crafted SEO will have both elements. Form and function go hand in hand and here are some tips to ensure that your website performs as it should.

Search Engines Don’t Care About Looks

Crafting a website that looks beautiful to your web visitors may earn you accolades in the “oohs and ahhs” department, but if search engines don’t love it, the traffic may not get there in the first place. A website that is stunning to look at that no one visits is essentially useless. Only relevant, targeted web visitors are going to buy your products or services, sign up for your newsletter or tell others about your website.

It’s great to create a website that is visually appealing, but it’s crucial to remember that search engines can’t rank your pages based on how pretty the design happens to be. Beauty is a subjective thing anyway, so not everyone will agree with your assertion that you have a lovely-looking website.

However, with a solid SEO strategy in place that is being professionally implemented, the search engine will give your site lots of love and your rankings will get better and better.

Who Should I Choose?

This really depends on what you want your website to do. In the web design world, there are designers, developers, and implementers.

A web designer can create the look and feel of your website. Web designers should be able to steer you in the right direction regarding calls to action and the basic organization of your site. Color theory, logos, and branding are all in the web designer’s locker, they are the setup people.

Web developers use the web designer’s ideas and build a fully functional website from them.

Websites can be built on WordPress (or any platform really) and can be customized endlessly.

Implementers are the link between designer and developer. Implementers might work to find you the best theme for your site or teach you how to manage your web pages. Implementers are traditionally more affordable than full designers.

Make SEO the Main Focus of Your Site

Web designers and some (less savvy than you) business owners skip SEO and launch straight into the bells and whistles visuals of a website. The fact is, the best-designed website in the world will be unloved and unclicked if it does not have the most basic SEO principles in place.

The splashiest designs look great but when you are choosing a new web design partner, choose one that understands graphic design and website features are only one part of the story.

SEO Will Always be More Relevant than Fancy Design

SEO is kind of like an old car. So many moving parts that need to be tended to and maintained constantly. Every aspect of SEO must work together seamlessly and be checked over periodically. Algorithms change, the public appetite for products changes too. Only professional, search engine optimized sites are able to compete in today’s highly saturated web space. A company like SEO for Growth can help you to build that site within budget and laser focused on your needs.

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