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Having a great inbound marketing strategy is important for most companies now. If you are a business owner, you should know that have a website is not just important but critical to your success. But if the website is just “OK” and does nothing but just provide information, like what you would see in a sales brochure, then you really should consider thinking about your inbound marketing strategy.  With inbound marketing as compared to tradition outbound marketing where marketers try to find clients – inbound marketing catches the eye of potential new customers and makes your business easy to find.

A quote from Guy Kawasaki:  “If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.”

inbound marketingWhy Your Business Needs Inbound Marketing

The Internet has tons of information and potential new clients won’t spend long trying to locate you if you don’t stand out. With so much information available to them, new customers have way more choices in how they find a local business then they used to. They are able to find information of all kinds – pricing, tech specs, reviews, etc.

A solid inbound marketing strategy provides potential new clients the information they need, precisely when they need it. Providing this type of data builds trust in your business and helps it reputation and authority.

Inbound marketing is based on building awareness and getting people to know, like and trust you with the goal of generating inbound leads to your business. It will bring clients to you, instead of you having to cold call, or use other expensive means of getting in front of them. New customers will find you much faster and earlier in their buying decision process by utilizing inbound marketing methods. It’s all about educating your market and helping consumers make informed buying decisions.

Our Inbound Marketing Strategies

We use the inbound marketing methodology of Get Found, Get Chosen & Retain/Refer.

  • Get Found. This is where we make you very visible to people who are actively searching for a business like yours. Most of the times these people don’t know your business, they are just doing blind searches based on keywords that align with the products and services that you provide. This is where we will build awareness, reach new eyeballs, and attract people to your website. We use proven marketing methods like SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Content Marketing & more to accomplish this.
  • Get Chosen. Now that they see your brand online, we need to make sure that they will choose you over your competition. We use a few inbound marketing methods to make this happen, one important one being Reputation Marketing & Management. We make sure that you have plenty of great reviews from your customers all over the Web and we market those reviews to not just these new customers, but also to returning customers. We also provide your website with valuable content that people will want to read, some of that content may be in the form of an ebook, a report or some sort of free download – in exchange for their contact information, thus generating leads.
  • Retain & Refer. Once a lead has become a customer, you need to ensure that these customers will come back when they need your products or services again. You will also want to entice your customers to tell all of their family and friends how great you are, thus creating a word of mouth buzz. We will help you keep top of mind to your current customers and get that word of mouth buzz going by using proven inbound marketing methods like reputation management, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Denver SEO for Growth focuses on helping companies like yours target new customers using the Get Found, Get Chosen & Retain/Refer inbound marketing model. Please contact us today to learn more on how we can help your business specifically.

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