How to Use Twitter to Help Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Being found online because of your stellar SEO is a very powerful marketing channel. A lot of people see SEO as just a tool for websites, but in reality, all of your social media engagement matters for your website ranking.

Google’s official line is that any social media links do not directly add SEO value, but the size of your Twitter following is still a good indicator of your web presence and content from Twitter often appears in Google Search results. Authentic and regular engagement through Twitter is a fantastic tool to use to boost your SEO.

Here are 7 SEO best practices for Twitter that can help to grow your following and grow your business.

1. Ramp Up Your Tweets

The more you tweet, the better. Recent numbers suggest that there are 6,000 tweets sent every second of the day. Getting something to trend is the Holy Grail on Twitter. Trending topics usually trend for less than ten minutes, so it pays to keep up to date. Twitter has a neat feature for this where you can view the ten top trends based on your location.

As a tool for keeping you in touch with what your competitors and clients are tweeting about it can’t be beaten. Be consistent, be real, and Tweet content that you would be delighted to open.

2. Have a Strategy

What is your objective when you Tweet?

When you identify your objective first, you can select and test the tactics most likely to help you reach your goals – whatever they are. If you’re trying to sell tickets for the Denver Broncos, you’ll most likely tweet about seat sales or the next upcoming game. If you want people to be loyal to your shoes, you can tweet asking your followers how they use your shoes and for what. A solid strategy focuses your tweets and keeps them relevant.

3. Make Your Twitter Bio Shine

Your bio must incorporate relevant primary keywords and be interesting and informative. Google looks at your Twitter bio via its meta-description. Your 160 character profile should ideally be linked to your website by incorporating its URL.

4. Be Consistent With Your Brand Voice.

Every tweet you put out there reflects you and your brand. Your tweets should have a strong, consistent tone that reflects your brand identity.

5. Expand Your Following Through Real Engagement

Twitter only works through consistent engagement. Shares from your followers are real markers of client confidence. When you actively engage people with what you are saying hold on to the conversation and be responsive. Tweets and direct messages should be responded to quickly and with real heart. Searching for question tweets that you can answer is another great tactic to keep the conversations lively and interesting.

6. Carefully Choose the Correct Keywords

Use the right keywords in your tweets and bio, and your Twitter page rank for social media searches can go up. It’s not so different from how web pages function in Google searches.

Creating a simple list of all your important keywords helps as it forces you to consider your words carefully. Use words that describe your product – or words that you would use in a search.

Plan ahead by writing your tweets ahead of time using the words in your list and copy and paste the tweets into Twitter. Finally, remember that Twitter allows for URL shortening. If you can change www.boring to bbb7.5q3., it frees up a ton of room in your 140 character limit.

7. Retweet. Retweet. Retweet. Retweet.

Google gives more credence to retweets than it does for tweets. It assumes that if that content was worthy of sending out again, it deserves a few points for authority. Getting noticed is the first step to getting retweets; your profile needs to be found first though (see point 3 for this).
Many folks have a short attention span. It’s not a bad thing. Twitter only gives you 140 characters per tweet to say what you want to say; you are forced to get to the point quickly and with clarity. This kind of essential info imparting is quick and easy to digest, and luckily, it’s not going anywhere soon.


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