How Using a Social CRM Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

Social CRM (customer relationship management) allows you to engage better with your customers because it shows that you are listening to their concerns about your products and services.

Using a quality, results-oriented social CRM system can boost your SEO efforts through great customer service. Customer service questions allow for meaningful engagement and help to build brand loyalty.

How Does a Social CRM Work?

Social CRM mines data from your social networks and enables you to interact with customers in an omnichannel environment. Social CRM is:

  • A tool for talking to customers in a real way
  • A way to source info from conversations outside of direct communication
  • A way to keep a full history of all your customer interactions
  • A way to track social influence

Here are just four of the many ways a great CRM can elevate your brand’s SEO.

Understanding Your Ideal Clients = Better Content Creation

A social CRM system aids you in finding out the behaviors of your ideal clients. A really good social CRM tracks your customers’ digital fingerprints and leaves you with a robust and full view of their preferences. A social CRM asks – and can tell you:

  • What channels are your customers using?
  • What articles do they share?
  • What keywords do they search?
  • What groups are they affiliated with?

When you get to know and understand the content your audience is consuming and sharing; it naturally shapes the kinds of content you will ultimately create. Social CRM can help you emulate the styles of content your target audience like to read.

Guest Blog Posting – with and for – Movers and Shakers

A great little trick to increase your exposure and boost SEO is to form tight relationships with the bloggers in your circle that already have a loyal online following. If you can get them to guest post on your blog and/or you guest blog on theirs, you’ll be helping each other out by delivering fresh content to each other. Everyone needs to be exposed to new audiences, and new and fresh content is the lifeblood of SEO. Social CRM makes it clear who the movers and shakers are and enable you to get to them quickly and easily.

A social CRM also tracks social influence. When you have the insights of who is talking about you on which platforms, it makes it much easier to find the people with audiences on different platforms. Any real interaction with a customer boosts SEO, so always interact in a good way in the comments sections.

Publish Your Content Where it will be Seen

A strong social CRM can tell you which platforms to target and use. Throwing all of your wonderfully crafted missives down a metaphorical black hole of silence is a terrific waste of time and resources. You have to get all that juicy content on the correct platform and in front of the eyes of the people who will find the most value in it.  

Expanding Your Online Social Footprint Attracts Higher Quality Links

When Google updated their algorithm, all those nefarious SEO spam tricks were felled. Only truly natural and organic link building is tolerated by the Google bots and they are relentless punishers for those that step out of line. Natural link building is achieved by hard work and outreach. Look for ways to connect and expand your social network where your people spend most of their online time. A social CRM is an indispensable method for attracting leads and getting them moved down the sales funnel.

A good social CRM system designed by SEO for Growth can ensure that you deliver the right kind of content that will connect with your people and drive your SEO efforts through the roof.

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